Musical style PsychobillyThe History Of Psychobilly (Saikou)

Saikali (eng. Psychobilly is a style of rock music that combines the expression and the aggressiveness of punk rock melodies of country and rockabilly. The very name of the genre comes from the words Psychodelic and Rockabilly, i.e. psychedelic rockabilly. As a rule, in sanabelle groups instead of bass used bass (continuity with rockabilly). Together used with bass drums and guitar. Most bands of the genre in their texts exploits the afterlife and a fantastic theme (The Meteors, Demented Are Go, Batmobile, Krewmen, Guana Batz, the Cramps, Mad Sin). Some sanabelle group adhere to a more traditional rock ‘ n ‘ roll theme and add romance Western in their music (The Quakes, Reverend Horton Heat). Continue reading

author's songFirst of all, it is worth noting the author’s song, which is already quite a long time and is in the hearts of some people, their unique niche. A feature of this musical direction is a unique primary text, raw, and unique.

Music – a pleasant and amazing art that conquered the heart of man even in ancient times. Gradually, as the world had changed, and changed music, by purchasing notes of spice and brightness.

Music – amazing and incredible aspect that can be a pleasant highlight any ski on the machine. That is why, a growing number of citizens are creating a kind of playlists, which are able to give pleasure not only the driver and his passengers. Continue reading

Music styles: Disco (Disco)Dance music Disco is probably one of the most popular destinations of the musical culture of the past twentieth century. In the early 70s rock music was going through a rather difficult period, it was connected with the loss of interest the new younger generation that created the field of rock culture.

Protests folk – rock, the depth and scale of art – rock, ballsy hard rock, sharpening social areas of funk and soul – it’s all gradually takes a back seat.

The broad masses of listeners tired of all that content and perspectives, which they were trying to convey, and needed something quick and simple and uncomplicated. And this outlet is the emergence of disco. Continue reading

Musical style and musical genreMusical style and musical genre as a reflection of the system of regulations of culture

Without absolutely no reason to not do almost none of the characteristics of the composer’s New time, i.e. the period of Western European music written tradition. This concept is also relevant for studies of non-literate cultures – folk, jazz, musical practices of the twentieth century (aleatoric and similar techniques). However, it should be noted immediately that, for all its universality, the concept of style has many meanings and in different sections of the science of music often used in different meanings and contexts.

The theoretical literature about the style very extensive, and for this course, built on the principle of lighting stylistic eras in music, it is very important to outline the main provisions of the modern theory of musical style. Continue reading

New musical style “ethnic beatbox” New musical direction – ethnic beatbox will present the delegation of the Taimyr Peninsula at the International festival of ethnic music and crafts “WORLD of Siberia”.

As reported by the Independent news Agency – Head of Department of culture of Administration of municipal district Valentine Satsky held a meeting on the preparation and participation of Taimyr in the International festival of ethnic music and crafts “WORLD of Siberia”. The participants of the meeting discussed organizational work, plan performances of creative groups, the script’s national programs, workshops, organization of merchandise. Continue reading

Major music festivals 2015A trip to the Coachella festivals in Los Angeles. Sonar in Barcelona and the iTunes Festival in London — the dream of thousands of music lovers around the world. Tickets for these influential global platform snapped in a few days. and line-up them truly excellent. Choose the site of your dreams. while others put it on the calendar — online translation in most cases you will be able to see. even the couch.

Russian festivals 2015 announce the headliners. the date and location of these sites so early. how do foreign. While we are waiting for information about that. who will come to Moscow on “Saturday”, “picnic Posters” & Bosco Fresh Fest. and will replace the Avici. last year’s star Novgorod festival АlfaFuture People. Diana Pashkovsky tells. what world areas deserve your special attention. Combine your planning a vacation trip to a major music festival or listen to your favorite artists on the Internet. a detailed guide of the most important Russian events expect from us this spring. Continue reading